My journey to financial freedom & income through property investing was motivated to help my family. I came home from a shift as a police officer and found my son upset. Due to Cerebral Palsy Ben cannot walk, and as a result is in a wheelchair. Sadly Ben was upset about not being able to play football. This moment spurred me on to replace my income from something that didn’t require my time. In a short period of time, I replaced my income, so I had the freedom from working shifts to do what I wanted. Ben and I went onto to start a wheelchair football club in our town.

Replacing my income wasn’t easy. I had property buy to lets already, commercial property and done some property flips. But none of them really cut it, to bring in enough income. The real difference to achieving my financial freedom was when I focused on high cashflow strategies, blocks of flats, HMOs and serviced accommodation. I found a method to scale and grow the business.

Most accidental and inexperienced property investors approach investing with a naïve method, of buying a run-down property as a doer upper. Typically, they undertake projects that result in overspending, have penalising finance costs, overrun by months if not years and then make returns that are pretty poor. They end up owning property that doesn’t hit the mark. This isn’t the best way to create income through property investing. This was me before I got into high cashflow property.

In 2021 only 18% of landlords own portfolios of 10 plus properties CLICK HERE to view the statistics. These select few have mastered the scaling secrets of property investing. Does this meant the remaining 82% can’t scale? I suspect that without really thinking about it, most have fallen into property investing with housing stock that is low profits and low returns, there is no way to scale a business that is not profitable without large amounts of cash.

The reality is you lock in or lock out your future scaling capability, the minute you chose the property and strategy of your investing. So chose carefully. You want to make sure you use your hard-earned funds are put to work even harder for you. Compounding your income and wealth is the miracle of investing.

Any business looking to scale goes through pain points. There is a point when you are bigger and less profitable before you get to the next level of returns. Property is no different. You need to scale to a certain level of properties and rental income to reach the goldilocks zone of enough income to cover your needs and any unforeseeable costs, but not too big that you need a small army to manage the properties.

My 4 steps for scaling a property portfolio are:

1 – CASH

Some people talk about rent to rent and lease options, however to eventually create wealth you still need some cash to scale. You need cash reserves. You also need cash that isn’t too high in interest rates. A 20% interest rate may seem affordable for a short period of time, but it takes only 5 years to double the initial investment, whereas 5% interest rates are going to take 20 years to double the initial capital. Obtain cash that you can invest and beat the cost of having the cash. Don’t just borrow cash for the sake of having cash. Borrowed cash should be working. Cash reserves should be generated from profits.


Any property investor is a leader of their business. You must deal with and focus on the issues as they arise. Strong Leadership requires tough negotiation, doing the challenging thing and working with people who have different views to you. Tenants will not always see things from your prospective. Deal with these situations, fairly and robustly but don’t bury your head in the sand.


Even as a one-person band, you are in a team game. Maintenance, electrics, testing, gas safety checks, lawyers, brokers and accountants. You need a vast array of specialist support and help to operate your business. Treat everyone with integrity and respect, for relationships that last you years and create massive value. You are only as strong as the weakest link.


Stay up to date. Great wealth is created on purpose not by accident. Do you have a one-page wealth plan? Are you on track to retire as you need? What is your retirement strategy? Can you tell me what your plan is for the next quarter of your business? No, then this needs to be addressed and you need to know.

Follow these 4 steps and creating financial freedom and income through property investing will not only be possible but it will also be sustainable.