Time to re-think your property strategy?

With upcoming changes in legislation, additional licensing, mortgage rate relief and additional right to rent requirements, investing in and maintaining Houses in Multiple Occupancy have just got a whole lot more challenging and less profitable.

Specialist investors like us are tackling these challenges, helping HMO landlords who are struggling with their portfolio.

You do, of course, have to be able to fill your rooms, and so many landlords we see get this so wrong. Now is the time to get your house in order (excuse the expression!) as you can no longer mess around when it comes to owning a HMO. Additional licensing has come into effect in many areas meaning you need to get everything in place, including the right mortgage product in place for the appropriate room sizes. It is recommended that you get in a professional manager, like us, who specialise in HMO’s.

There is no need to have voids or bad tenant arrears as most months we have 100% occupancy and 100% rent roll for our portfolio.

We offer landlords of HMO properties the opportunity of a GUARANTEED rent. You won’t have to worry about voids, tenants or rent collection any more as the whole process becomes hands-off. We can also buy properties off Landlords when the legislation becomes fully implemented in 2020/21 tax year. This will give Landlords the chance to get out of any mortgage penalties, phase the exit for capital gains tax while also taking the most profit in the long run.