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GoTenant Online Training Course - Thursday 2nd July 2020

2/7/20209:00am BST8 hours
Get yourself sorted for 2020
How to Systemise your tenant recruitment, property management for less voids, lower arrears and compliance?

09:00 – 17:00 Thursday 2nd July 2020

Are you able to complete all the necessary legal checks and prove this with your current systems?
Are you on top of all your check in procedures?
Need a way to communicate with tenants?
Are you keeping on top of repairs?
Do you have all your documents stored somewhere, so that you can just send out your AST’s and new tenant packs with one click?
Do you ever lose a prospective tenant’s because you didn’t follow up with them?
Do you ever waste time and money showing an unsuitable tenant your home?
Do all your prospective tenants show up to viewings?
Are you paperless?

This course will help you become so systemised you’ll wonder how you used to do business before.
Property systemisation with Go Tenant is the ultimate, get your time back, do things the right way to make sure you can sleep at night and earn more money.
You could even be self- managing your properties in less time than it takes you to manage the agent!