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Nadeem Akram March 24, 2016

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“Streamlined existing procedures…”

“Streamlined existing procedures and opening new opportunities!!!! ☺” 

Dan Norman March 24, 2016

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“No more wasting time”

“Just wanted to post some feedback on here having attended a Tenant Systems Training day run by Rick Gannon yesterday. The long and short of it is that following the very intense day of training I left with a system in place that would allow me to have an almost completely hands-off approach to sourcing tenants, scheduling viewings, vetting them, and storing their details.The great thing is that the system is set up when you leave the training. I left Worcester at 5pm and when I got back to Chester at 9pm a potential tenant that had replied to our ad had already been through the process and I had all her details, references, photo’s of her ID etc in my mailbox. No more wasting time messing about with back and forth letters and emails. Anybody who would like to chat about my experience of using Rick’s system then I’d be happy to chat to you.”

Paul Wrexham July 27, 2016